Student Governance System
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Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement is TCS’s unique feature supported by the Student Council and run by the student body. The Student Council promotes student governance, civic participation, inclusivity, opportunity, and appreciates democracy. Students are assigned with various leadership roles to help fellow-students observe the Code of Conduct and achieve discipline. Membership is open to all students who are passionate and are interested. However, the School Head shortlists the final candidates based on their academic as well as out-of-class performance. A perfect candidate is the one who maintains an excellent academic record and attendance, demonstrates ethical behavior, and manifests leadership qualities. The Student Council will help the teaching faculty organize and plan student activities, maintain discipline during recess and morning assembly, run community service programs, and represent the school as ambassadors outside the premises. In addition to the Student Council, TCS features a Houses system for students named after influential figures of Pakistan to take inspiration from their strong attributes, sharp intellect, and positive demeanor. TCS Houses are run by student volunteers and assist other student bodies in their tasks.


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