Marketing & Business Development Department

The Marketing & Business Department of ESN provides complete support and supervision in developing and implementing marketing projects and campaigns targeted at the expansion and outreach of its NWA to all corners of the country. The strategies, tools, and expertise we use are intended to flourish our Network and rooted in extensive market research, keeping in view the trends and technology. The team helps with and provides advertisement materials after conducting market surveys, reviewing best practices, and promoting the NWA through SEO, TVC, different newspapers, and many social media forums.

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Quality Assurance Department

The Quality Assurance Department of ESN sets the performance indicators and oversees the targets achieved and criteria maintained by NWA. The underlying goal is to expect teamwork, which is suited to upcoming, unforeseeable challenges in the education sector. The team is particular about NWA meeting the international standards and requirements imposed by the national education policy and guidelines considering the new dynamics of the learning community. It manages other departments and supervises tasks and services concerning human resources, marketing, training, academics, and examination.

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Academics & Trainings Department

The Academics & Training Department of ESN advises NWA on all concerns and matters related to the students’ learning outcomes, provided with the technical support supervision from the Board of Curriculum. The Department takes care of curriculum development, academic manuals, examination code and conduct, academic calendar, ERP services, recruitments, and staff training, performance evaluations, and admissions criteria. It conducts all relevant services abiding by the national and international educational standards and facilitates the designated staff with training and opportunities to enhance professional experiences.

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Human Resource Department

The Human Resource Department of ESN strives for smooth coordination among the team members and the departments. The purpose is to create and develop a workplace that nurtures problem-solving behavior and constant improvement. It takes on board persons with passion and drives for education who are keen to practice 21st-century skills and handle every-day assignments and projects professionally. The Department also develops policies and procedural guidelines to facilitate the in-place working mechanism and performance indicators for other departments and the staff, including the HR manuals, hiring/firing policies, and training workshops for professional development.

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Accounts & Finance Department

The Account & Finance Department of ESN oversees the financial aspects of the Network and NWA. It takes care of balances and records for effective financial management through audit and survey services that are always cost-effective. The team has extensive experience in income/expenditure records, budget and account management, annual reports and projections, internal audits, and related procedures. With the help of the ERP system, the Department provides time-saving solutions for complete book-keeping and caters to irregularities. The motivation is to enable transparency and present instant solutions to NWA.

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Media & Design Department

The Media & Design Department builds and designs creative components of ESN as a brand intended at projecting a solid marketing presence of the Network and associates. It helps with excellent marketing materials, promotions and develops standardized designs taking inspiration from the latest branding strategies and technologies. All kinds of academic publications, electronic and print media advertisements, social media designs, web layouts, admission brochures, banners, pamphlets are created by the team in collaboration with the Marketing & Business Department and the Board of Curriculum, with the support from the Media Group.

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IT Department

The IT Department of ESN is responsible for all network-related issues associated with technology and needs the expertise to provide advanced solutions. The team is tasked with maintaining uninterrupted smooth communication between the head office and NWA. It helps with everything from website troubleshooting to provide faculty logins, technical support, updates, creating social media presence, programming support, and ERP/IT training facilities to the teachers and other staff.

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Legal Department

The Legal Department of the ESN team comprises licensed attorneys and practitioners with expertise in litigation and all legal matters concerning franchise management, education services, labor laws, and products. They provide consultancy to NWA on Board registrations, employee claims, management, procedures, contracts, and pertinent regulations. The Department also assists in affiliations with the federal and provincial Education Boards of NWA and more.

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Parents Satisfaction Department

The Parents Satisfaction Department of ESN serves as a unique platform for the concerns and appeals of parents with the underlying objective of addressing parent satisfaction and engagement in the learning community. The Department oversees and processes the complaints filed by the parents and provides solutions with the help of the relevant department and campus. It also issues official announcements via SMS and notification alerts for Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTM). It conducts the ESN application, which is exclusive for parents to access their child’s academic record, i.e., results, daily attendance, and assigned homework.

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Inventory Management Department

The inventory Management Department of ESN conducts the acquisition of necessary equipment, materials, and book-keeping for NWA. It connects them with the best suppliers and service providers to help with a successful start and general maintenance. It handles office records concerning the articles, their quantity, and use and provides practical solutions for inventory record management, profit/loss calculations, and software tools.

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