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ICT is a specialized program offered by TCS to integrate information and communication technology in education. TCS has collaborated with Intel to train its academic community and meet up with the 21st-century job market. The program helps students become proficient not only in the use of specific tools but also how to implement strategies for lifelong learning in professional life. ICT assists students in collaborating with peers and experts, designing STEAM projects, and, in many cases, actually helping the community. The program is distinctly designed to foster an anytime, anywhere environment of increased student cooperation and teamwork as well as increased collaboration among teachers who are planning ICT integration in their STEAM-based curriculum.

The program has further brought about many dramatic changes in how teachers teach and how students learn. It will help teachers assess students’ progress through rubrics and work on further enhancement of ICT skills. Finally, the program will be an opportunity for students to connect and communicate with classrooms all over the world, resulting in increased global awareness and a sense of cultural identity.


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