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Educational Professional Development

While we promise STEAM-based education, our teachers are the product of conventional schooling. Given the rapid technological progress, improved opportunities for 21st-century pedagogy are in high demand to enable teachers to upgrade their teaching skills, which means a first-class experience for the students. Therefore, ESN has a robust and centralized training module in place for the teaching faculty, considering the suggestions and recommendations by the Board of Patrons. It is a comprehensive 3-tier teachers-training program, i.e., online, campus-based, and at the head office. It comprises workshops on classroom management, pedagogy for STEAM-based curriculum, project-based learning, ICT integration, peer education, and intelligent use of the interactive whiteboard. Besides, for teachers, the ESN app is exclusive. It provides information about assigned tasks, participation, daily lesson plans, studies, test materials with the key, fee structures, and access to the online library. Training is always followed by monitory visits to assess the progress of the teachers. We also encourage our teaching faculty to participate in international dialogues, dissemination, and exchanges to reflect their experiences in Pakistan. We train the non-academic staff, particularly on project management, collaboration, and problem-solving, and evaluate their progress based on quarterly set benchmarks.

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