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The Early Years Curriculum – EYC of ESN is a three-year foundational early education from Playgroup, Nursery year to Kindergarten level. The average age group for this qualification is 3-5 years. The focus is on introducing 21st-century skills like creativity, critical thinking, and communication in the children with the help of easy-to-engage group and individual activities. The designated team for the EYC supports the curriculum with age-appropriate blended-learning tools and strategies to implement them. Children are exposed to the idea of personal independence, freedom to initiate activities, and make choices. The environment reflects self-discipline and self-motivation and values each child as a unique individual with special skills and abilities. We educate children on the importance of spiritual enlightenment through practice and encourage character building in agreement with Islamic principles.

At ESN, we understand the inevitable aspect of maintaining an inclusive environment that acknowledges children from diverse families, cultural and religious backgrounds. Therefore, children are tutored on human differences and mutual respect in Tarbiyyah sessions. The curriculum allows experiments that form scientific intuition with stories that capture the imagination and encourage creativity. Children are also provided with opportunities to learn the basics of entrepreneurship. The activities encourage children to explore the world around them and develop their understanding of social responsibility, leadership, and civic engagement. We regularly assess our children’s progress with the help of systematic portfolios and engage parents in their child’s learning.

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